“Time to say Yes to Healthy Food”

Did you know? On average 70-80% people are not eating the right food in this world. As per a report of Veganuary only 14% of people follow vegan lifestyle in all over the world. Means only few peoples are following vegetarian lifestyle.

For lack of knowledge in these few peoples there are only a little amount of people who know about Right Food and Right LifeStyle.

In our modern society, there are lot of myths about vegetarian food and the right lifestyle.

Right food is the secret key to healthy life

Yes, if you follow the right food, then you will be healthier and stronger.As per Indian culture, Vegetarian food is the best and most healthy food in this world.As per The China Study, Raw Food and Vegan lifestyle is the key to a healthy and long life. 

So we are Happa Chef ~ An Independent online food magazine, started a mission to spread the right knowledge for making healthy food to the entire world. 

Our Journey:

Few years back, some of our team members suffered a lot of lifestyle diseases, and they have tried their best to cure it. They consulted with famous and experienced doctors, but at the end, the results remained the same.

Bless of God, they have found a renewed person. Who helps them to understand about healthy food and lifestyle. You can’t believe that as per his advice, all problems were vanished.

After that we started searching for the original truth of healthy food. And found that actually healthy food is the most important part of our life.

Yes, we found the reality of right healthy food.

I know it might sound bad to hear, but this is the actual truth!! 70-80% of people in this world are following such a dangerous lifestyle like junk or non-veg food. Which may cause their lifestyle diseases. After our realization, we took a decision to spread this knowledge with everyone. 

So on 2nd October 2019, we started working on it to spread the healthy food knowledge which is missing in our modern lifestyleWe developed this platform with a mission to spread healthy facts of knowledge with all. 

On 10th October 2019, we are first launch your site with a wonderful design but because of some issue we were not able to publish articles on it.  

So we focused on our content to provide you with good and quality information. And we took an extra 1year to make good and quality guidelines for our articles.  

On 27th November 2020, we redesigned our platform to make it more user friendly and easier. 

Hence, our team is also working in a lot of areas to provide you with a wonderful experience with expert Knowledge. You can also suggest to us regarding that it will definitely help us to provide you a better quality.

“We’re on a mission to help you identify the healthy vegetarian food”

Our Mission:

We are on a mission to help this entire world to get proper knowledge about right healthy food.

That’s why our tagline is Be Healthy Always

From last 2 years, we have been researching vegetarian recipes, collecting knowledge from various and renewed sources and trying to develop modernized healthy and good food recipes. That means you will get a modern and healthy recipe which will definitely help you make a healthy life. 

We are trying to spread the right knowledge with everyone and we want to see everyone with a healthy lifestyle.  Our aim is to make a healthy world, obviously no one wants any unhealthy world.

We want no one else in this world to suffer from the lifestyle diseases, which we have suffered for many years for our unhealthy lifestyle. So we have been trying our best. We may reach far alone, but with your help, we can reach to everyone.

For that we are requesting you, if you find any positivity with us then please stay with us and support us to succeed our mission.

Our Team:

We are Happa Chef which is an independent vegetarian food magazine. Started a good mission with our wonderful expertise team. Our expert team members work tirelessly to spread the knowledge of good vegetarian food to the entire world.

Privacy Policy:

Money is not important to us. We actually want to help peoples to understand the benefits of vegetarian food or healthy food.

So we are not focusing too much on collecting the user data. But for some maintenance and analysis purposes, we are using some third party service like push notification, user analytics, etc. But all those third parties are trusted and reputed in their field. So no need to worry about your data.

We never sell or disclose your data. We are using some advertisement networks & sponsorship, but they all are genuine and trusted networks. Read more about our Privacy Policy.

Terms & Condition:

Our content is only for informational purposes and our motive is to help you make a better healthy life. We are trying to spread good knowledge about healthy food, but we do not intend it to be a substitute for any professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.

We have collected data from many renewed sources, and we are bringing the original information to you. Now how you take the information it depends on you. To get more information, stay with us and make your life healthier. Read more about our Terms & Condition.

Outside & Media Coverage:

Till now no one is coverage us, which is not strange. Hopefully, in the future we will get coverage.

Stay with us:

If you feel any positivity with us, then please stay with us and help us by a small social sharing. We will definitely help a large amount of people with our valuable information. 


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