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How to make Kheer Kadam Recipe

Bengali  Ras Kadam  Recipe Making Tips

Ros Kadam is Delicious Bengali Sweet Dish which is  also known as Kheer Kadam. It’s a famous sweet in North India , specially in West Bengal (which is a beautiful state in north west portion in india) where it is famous the name of Ros Kadam.

Kheer Kadam Or Ros Kadam is  a soft sweet with a layer of poppy seeds on the outside with the kheer. For that it’s called kheer Kadam. 

If you ever know West Bengal(An Indian Beautiful State), you will find the kheer kadam at  any sweet shop.It will fascinate you just by eating this dessert.

As my experience, I have eaten Kheer Kadam Lot of times in my nearest shop and it’s always be delicious for me.

We have made this sweet at home many times. I am happy to say that every time we made the kheer kadam, the sweet was very delicious to eat.

What is kheer kadam?

Kheer kadam is a very tasty sweet which inside have rasgulla and outside of sweet is made by a combination of poppy seeds and kheer. It’s a Bengali famous sweet which also known as Ros Kadam.

The best part of  making this sweet, uses khoya(which a creamy form of pure milk) to increase the taste of the sweet. 

Preparations or Ingredients you need 


How to make kheer kadam?



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